VTuber Management

Linking potential with practice

Terms of Service

Defined Terms

  • These Terms of Service (the “Terms”) officialize a legally binding agreement pertaining to the use of the "Service(s)" provided by Vlinc Management, to the "Client" identified in the applicable "Contract". The terms of each "Contract" should be understood as a single agreement.

  • For purposes of these Terms, “Contract” refers to the legally binding document drafted upon an agreed exchange (past, future, or present) of service(s) from the "Service Provider" to the "Client" for "Compensation".

  • For purposes of these Terms, “Service(s)” refers to deeds and/or responsibilities offered by the "Service Provider" to the "Client" in exchange for "Compensation"; agreed upon at the time of drafting the Service Contract pertaining to those deeds and/or responsibilities.

  • For purposes of these Terms, “Client” refers to the individual requesting service from Vlinc Management.

  • For purposes of these Terms, “Service Provider” refers to the member of Vlinc Management which is providing negotiating, providing, or has provided service(s) to the "Client"

  • For purposes of these Terms, “Compensation” refers to goods, favor(s), or capital given from (or to be given from) the "Client" to the "Service Provider" in exchange for "Service(s)" provided by the "Service Provider".

Prerequisites for Service

  • Prior to initiating Service(s), a contract tailored to the Client, the Service Provider, and the Service(s) requested will be drafted; the aforementioned Contract will detail the Terms of the Service(s) and Compensation involved.

  • By default: all Service(s) will require their own Contract; exceptions may be made with the prerequisite of an agreement between the Client and the Service Provider. Contracts are drafted for the protection of both parties and to ensure BOTH promised Service(s) and promised Compensation are delivered IN FULL.

  • A down payment of the agreed upon Compensation MUST be made; any mention of a trial period supersedes or delays the applicable down payment requirement (dependent upon the willingness of the Service Provider and Client to move forward); payment plans are negotiable and made on a case-by-case basis.

Payment & Cancelations

  • Payments will be made through Paypal; alternative payment methods are negotiable, but NOT guaranteed.

  • The Client will NEVER initiate a chargeback or refund. Doing so will result in an immediate cease of Service(s) provided by the Service Provider; additionally, this may result in a ban from any current and future Service(s) provided by Vlinc Management. If the Service Provider is unable to complete the agreed upon Service(s) within the deadline written upon the applicable Contract, a refund WILL be issued.


  • When contacting Vlinc Management and/or the Service Provider, please allow ONE business day to pass before contacting again with the same subject. When the Service Provider is unavailable an email pertaining to their temporary (or permanent) absence will be provided; if this affects the Service(s) agreed upon, a partial refund MAY be issued, this is not guaranteed.

  • Unless agreed otherwise (by both the Service Provider and the Client), the Service Provider and/or Vlinc Management does not and will not guarantee specific metrics of growth; e.g., ccv, followers, subscribers, Twitch Partner status, etc.

  • When in doubt, refer to the Service Contract.

Why are we the right choice?

Simply put, we might not be. We aren't here to tell you what to do, rather we're here to guide you and watch you shine (if you'll let us). The choice is yours. We just ask you hear us out before you make any decisions!

We Know Vtubing

We've lived it! We've seen numerous trends come and go (and come back again... and again). We've seen what works and doesn't work. We've felt many of the common struggles that come with vtubing. Through our experiences and what we learn from working with each and every client, we have numerous years of vtubing wisdom at our disposal. We want to use it all to help you.

We Know Marketing

We have professional experience with digital marketing analytics, social media management, networking, and more broad marketing and data analysis concepts. Additionally we have education (both university and self-taught) that pertains to marketing. We've implemented that academic training and professional experience in the vtubing world and through it have seen the substantial growth of us and our clients.

We Strive for Excellence

Many say they strive for excellence but few show results. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Both our personal growth and the growth of those we've managed is well documented. It stands as evidence that we not only have what it takes to help you grow, but we will do our damnedest to make it happen.

We Want
Your Success

We have a passion for the vtubing community and all the wonderful people within it, creators, fans, and everyone in between. We've lifted numerous people up along our journey, given free vtubing education, and we've inspired many promising and growing streamers to start vtubing. The greatest joy we've found is lifting others up, so trust us when we say, we want that for you too!

Ruinous Greatwyrm

In addition to being a manager under Vlinc VTuber Management, Ruin is an 18+ content creator, nightmare dragon VTuber, and a veteran of the USAF and TTRPGs. They are a variety streamer, with a focus on TTRPG and fantasy RPG content. They foster a community of compassion, respect, supportiveness, and sex positivity, and have done so for over 2 years. Wholesome to lewd, comfy to gremlin, you never know what you're going to get when you join Ruin's streams.


We've Got Your Back

As the saying goes, so much to do, so little time. We feel like that's doubly true for content creators. In fact, most of the content creators we know don't even really sleep (be honest, you don't get much do you)! Being a content creator can be EXHAUSTING, but it can also be EXTREMELY fulfilling and rewarding! We want to take away as much of the "exhausting" elements as possible, while adding the value of our knowledge into the mix, speeding your momentum up!(If there's a service you need that you don't see offered below, please ask about it! We'd be happy to help you in whatever way we can!)


We all know that professional solo content creators have little to no true free time. Your mental well-being needs free time to keep on track (and not fall off the rails entirely). We also know that solo content creators have an million billion trillion infinite pool of ideas, but no time to execute them. We help with all of that and more.Eliminating unnecessary or redundant tasks. Organizing events, collabs, stream schedules. Sending reminders for deadlines and/or responsibilities, and more.Essentially, help with time management, keeping you on task, and saving you time.


The discoverability on Twitch is horrid (seriously some of the most entertaining streamers I've seen in my life have had less than 5 viewers). There have been small changes with an effort to improve this, but they're hardly fruitful. If you want more eyes on you, you need to reach outside of Twitch.Sifting through hours of your vods to provide you with useful clips. Turning clips into TikToks/Youtube Shorts. Video editing clip compilations, edited vods, episodic vids, and more.Essentially turning your raw content into refined content you can use elsewhere. Helping you to capitalize on future viewers outside of Twitch and to generally extend your reach.


Your brand is your Excalibur aka the strongest weapon in your arsenal. Without a clearly defined and easily recognizable brand, you are at a high risk of drowning in the sea of millions of other streamers.Helping you find an effective and efficient brand that works for you. Finding undiscovered strengths and weaknesses that come with your brand. Search engine optimization. Discovering inspirational content creators that match closely with your brand. Social media review and reformation, and more.Essentially making you you live in peoples' heads rent free.


Numbers can be hard. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. What do they all mean? Are all the analytics Twitch provides you helpful? Or just useless metrics? Or a mix of both?Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, and TikTok Data analysis. Lifetime relevant metrics trends (e.g., Twitch's CCV or followers over time metrics). Your best streaming days, your best streaming times, and more.Essentially deciphering the numbers of your analytics into actually useful information; as well as helping you capitalize on it.


A strong community builds up a streamer, supports them, propels them forward, keeps them going when times are tough. Let's build your community up together!Event management. Event brainstorming. DM management. Discord modding. Server building, Discord bot implementation, and more.Essentially helping you to spend more time with your community WITHOUT the massive headaches of planning and organizing it all.


The majority of you are here for help pertaining to your stream in some way. While the rest can prepare you for a good stream, we're here to turn that good into a great.Twitch modding. Twitch bot setup. Collab planning and management. Networking. Category analysis. Improving social skills, entertainment value, and more.Essentially working on your streaming rizz, so you shine as bright as the star you are.

BooBeeQueen (She/Her)

When BooBeeQueen isn't tending to her Haunted Hallows and ghost hive, she's a VTuber streaming art, FPSes, and cozy farm simulator games (Bee's streams are for adults only, bee 18+ or don't bee there at all). This little bee-bat ghost hybrid has a BIIIIG heart and her little ghostlings reflect that. She has carefully molded a community that embodies empathy, fun, positive vibes, and gremliness! With a fun and fair mix of gremlin gaming and cozy nectar & chill streams, people come from all over to visit our resident Queen Bee!


Podgekinn (They/She)

Podge is an 18+ content creator, goblin VTuber, Live2D Rigger, and cosplayer. They stream a variety of content including games, ASMR, and art, and strive to create an inclusive and entertaining space for their community. Cute, comfy, and a bit cursed, they offer a little something for everyone.